The Bi-Fuel System is applied "in-field" by trained technicians, with the installation normally taking anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the size of the generator. During nearly all of the installation process, the generator can be utilized for emergency power with little or no starting delay. Actual downtime of the generator is limited to only a few minutes, and rental back-up power is normally not required during installation of the System.

After installation of the Bi-Fuel System hardware, the generator is then operated under various load settings (normally with the use of a resistive load bank) while the System is checked and calibrated. After this "tune-in" process is completed, the generator is fully tested in Bi-Fuel mode to assure proper operation of the Bi-Fuel System and generator during Light, medium, heavy and transient loads. Finally, the generator is tested in 100% diesel mode to verify that its 100% diesel performance has not been effected by installation of the Bi-Fuel System.