Installation of the Bi-Fuel System in no way compromises the performance of the generator relative to the rated Load of the machine. A generator with a 1000 kW stand-by rating which has been retrofitted to the Bi-Fuel System will still provide 1000 kW of power in both 100% diesel and Bi-Fuel modes. In other words, the generator is not de-rated after installation of the Bi-Fuel System. Similarly, there is no decrease in generator load response or stability white operating in either fuel mode.

The Bi-Fuel System has been designed to allow for transition between fuel modes without the necessity of unloading the generator. In fact, the converted generator can transition from 100% diesel to Bi-Fuel and back again, white at full rated toad. This transition occurs without any significant change in generator stability or power-output.

Engine heat-rejection rates and efficiency during Bi-Fuel operation are nearly identical to 100% diesel performance and as such, peak engine exhaust gas, water jacket and oil temperature values remain within the parameters established by the engine manufacturer. As such, generators utilized in co­generation programs will achieve equivalent heat recovery performance on either 100% diesel fuel or Bi-Fuel. Because engine-operating temperatures are maintained within Limits, engine wear-rates are not increased due to Bi-Fuel operation; in fact, engine wear may actually be reduced during Bi-Fuel operation due to the lean-burning characteristics of natural gas.