F-500 Encapsulator Technology Videos

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The F-500 Promotional Video is designed to showcase the firefighting effectiveness of F-500 Encapsulator Technology on a variety of Class A, B, and D fuels.

Additional Videos:

These additional videos show F-500 in many special use applications against Class A and B fires. Click on the video thumbnail or the Watch This Video link to view the video in your browser.

Canadian CTV News Footage

This clip shows Canadian CTV national news coverage of the performance effectiveness of F-500 on a range of Class A and Class B fires. F-500 is praised across Canada for its incredible performance, water savings, and increased life safety to Canadian Fire Fighters.

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Warrick Alcoa Plant

This industrial training scenario consists of a metal catwalk over the top of a pit containing 200 gallons of burning diesel. On the catwalk is a flange spewing liquid propane (LP) gas under pressure, making this a very difficult fire.

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Broward County Fire Training Grounds - Fuel Fire

This scenario is 30 gallons of diesel fuel extinguished with a 1% F-500 solution. This clip demonstrates the sweeping motion needed for extinguishing fuel fires. Note the ease with which F 500 extinguishes the 30 gallons of fuel.

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Broward County Fire Training Grounds - Tire Fire

In this clip 22 burning tires at 1600 F are extinguished and cooled to 150 F in less than six seconds. Note that due to the removal of heat the firefighter does not have to move any tires for overhaul.

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FAA Testing Grounds Ocala, Florida

This clip shows a Three-Dimensional Cascade Flowing Fuel Fire. In this scenario fuel is continually fed to the top of a metal tower and it flows down cascading falls in the front of the tower into a fuel-in-depth pit.

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Ontario Power Generation - Propane

In this clip F-500 is applied at a 1% solution on a propane pipe rupture fire utilizing a 95-gpm nozzle. Due to F-500's ability to form and maintain micelles around the hydrocarbon fuel molecules, the propane fuel is encapsulated rendering it nonflammable. The fire is extinguished within one second.

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Memphis Fire Grounds - Fuel Pit

This video clip shows 150 gallons of diesel fuel in a 15-foot diameter steel pit. The fire is quickly extinguished using a 3% F-500 solution through a 95-gpm nozzle set at a 30 fog pattern. Note: Watch as the firefighter places his hand on the outside of the steel pit indicating it is cool.

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Electrical Transformer Fire

In this video clip F-500 is being used to extinguish an electrical transformer fire. F-500 is fed at 3% into a sprinkler deluge system utilizing ten 5 Gallon per minute heads. The fire is quickly knocked down including the running surface fire, by the indirect spray from the sprinkler heads.

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