Flame Guard Gel™ is a non-toxic, environmentally safe, liquid fire retardant gel which is designed to provide an effective fire retardant shield for trees, shrubbery, home exteriors (excluding unfinished aluminum) and personal property at risk in uncontrolled wildfires.  Unlike other powder retardants in use today, Flame Guard Gel™ adheres to treated surfaces and forms a shield which fire cannot penetrate, thereby suppressing flame spread.  Flame Guard Gel™ can be applied from both airborne and ground-based delivery systems.

After application and drying, Flame Guard Gel™ is both water soluble and biodegradable. It can be removed with water or will naturally erode from the treated surface within 30 days.  Flame Guard Gel’s™ non-toxic elements are environmentally friendly and pose no threat to trees, vegetation, wildlife, ground water or aquatic life. 

Flame Guard Gel™ is now available for distribution in a dry powder format, which Fail Safe considers the most cost-effective format for shipping, inventorying and rapid deployment.  Fail Safe’s testing to date has proven that one gallon of Flame Guard Gel™ will effectively treat more square feet of land or home exterior surface than existing wildfire retardants.  This powder format requires an aspirator and water for mixing and application.  Flame Guard Gel™ can easily be applied using existing commercial aspirators found on fire safety vehicles and aircraft. 

Fail Safe can provide an aspirator for test purposes at a nominal cost which is suitable for home applications.  The test aspirator is effective in applying Flame Guard Gel™ for distances of up to 25 feet.

Flame Guard Gel
Tested and Approved

United States Forest Service

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Flame Guard Gel™ Brochure:
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Material Safety Data Sheet:
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