F-500 Encapsulator Technology

F-500 is a Micelle Encapsulator Fire Suppression Agent. F-500 is a multi-purpose agent used worldwide for various applications. The fire suppression mechanics and technology utilized by F-500 are vastly different than conventional foam. F-500 forms and maintains micelles, "chemical cocoons," around the hydrocarbon fuel neutralizing the fuel leg of the fire tetrahedron rather than forming a blanket depriving the fire of oxygen.

For fire suppression, F-500 is UL listed for Class A and Class B fires at 1%, 3% and 6%. Typically, 1% is used for Class A fires, with 3% and 6% used for Class B fires. For Class D fires a more concentrated solution is required.

F-500 Promotional Videos
These videos showcases F-500 Multi-Purpose Fire Suppression Agent in various scenarios.

Some of the features and benefits of F-500 Multipurpose Agent are:

What can F-500 do for me?

 Tire fire extinguished using F-500

What is "Life Safety" and how can it benefit me?

You will see many "Life Safety" benefits while utilizing F-500 in your operation:

  1. Quick Knockdown - 4 to 5 times faster than water
  2. Rapid Heat Reduction - At %, F-500 has 6 times more cooling than plain water
  3. Hazardous Spill Control - Renders flammable liquids nonflammable
  4. Vapor Reduction - Reduces explosive vapors on contact
  5. Smoke Reduction - Reduces smoke thus increasing visibility and safety for firefighters

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